AISA International NGO launched a global mobilization campaign for the UN to proclaim an International Day of Living Together A petition to the UN is launched to demonstrate to the political authorities our DESIRE OF PEACE

For this event, AISA ONG Internationale has the mission

to create a worldwide movement in favor of an awareness that a fraternal bond based on the Culture of Peace is a necessity for Humanity.
With a new vision, we can collectively generate and convey a profound mutation to build the society of tomorrow and propose a tool to express, loud and clear, this will to learn better Living and doing Together.

The actions of « Living together » revolved eight axes


citizen action

By citizen action and shared reflection, the JMVE wants to synergize awareness whereby the virtues and qualities of each person are put to the forefront. It also wants to promote humanity through a Culture link and a citizenship impregnated with the core values of Living Together.


build bridges

The JIVE invites us to build bridges. In mobilizing youth, it calls for the dissemination of the message of Living Together at the global level. Through social networking, it promotes fertile brainstorming and transmission of skills, offering a message of hope for the youth of all countries. Living Together is doing things together.


sustainable development

The JIVE organizes a platform on ecology. Convinced that a sustainable development promotes sustainable peace and encouraging dialogue with all players in the economy. It puts into evidence the link and interdependence between man and nature. It invites us to inform, educate and promote innovative practices.


Peace and Spirituality

The JIVE invites us to tap into our common heritage from the wisdom of humanity in order to reconnect with Peace and Spirituality. Revisiting the sacred texts highlights their universal character, thus nourishing a living spirituality that gives meaning to life.


Art and culture

The JIVE provides a stage for the music and art from the 5 Continents. It calls for great musicians and artists to celebrate this event and join together through the wealth, creativity and beauty of our differences.


The equality and harmony of genders

The JIVE is committed to promoting the equality and harmony of genders. It recalls that it is under the illumination of feminine energy, by its nature the carrier of Peace, that we can achieve gender reconciliation and their complementarity in unity.


human architecture

The JVE encourages a move toward human architecture based on the idea of better Living Together. Creating a label, the JMVE wants to promote the construction of houses, villages and towns based on innovative and ecological concepts, while safeguarding the unique urban heritage of each culture.


Academy of Peace

The JMVE proposes to create an Academy of Peace. Its role is to initiate and teach the Art and Science of Teaching and a method to develop the Culture of Peace in all segments of society. It will federate initiatives working in this direction. Each year, it will donate an international award, entitled “ JMVE ”, to an action for better education in Living Together and to the Culture of Peace.